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Rector of IHSM PhD Ass.Professor Stalbek Akhunbaev

Dear colleagues!


We are happy to welcome you to the pages of the first version of “Eurasian Medical Magazine”, issued with the support of the International School of Medicine (IHSM). IHSM was established in 2003 as an educational institution of a new type with its main mission of training doctors for export to countries of South-Asia. Our School is constantly growing and developing. Despite our “narrow” scope of interest, we currently have 4000 students and have developed and modern infrastructure as a non-commercial scientific and educational institution of a new generation. At present we implement various scientific and educational projects “Health of a population of Kyrgyzstan”: “Health conditions of children and women in different regions and areas, in conditions of climate change”, “In-school medicine”, “Development of regional norms of physiology”, IHSM is a grant-holder of TEMPUS and ERASMUS projects during several years. Now you take our new ambitious project – “Eurasian Medical Magazine”. There was a long-term need for the issue of the Magazine. We wanted to publish a magazine for educational and scientific purposes, which could be used as an “area” for open discussion. The idea is achievable, and we hope with your support we can actualize it. Our Magazine is focused not only on sharing our own experience but first of all, on the reverberation of trends in regional healthcare. Also, we must see this periodical as an e-magazine for English speakers in the region. As we plan, our Magazine will focus on the presentation of leading global experience in the forms of articles and lectures of scientists with global authority, and on ensuring publications of researches in the region of Eurasia. Also, we have plans for the expansion of the list of our partners. We invite you to send our materials for publication because we have a wonderful example of cooperative publishing work with leading foreign periodicals.

We wish you good reading!


 IHSM Rector                                                                                                                                         

Eurasian Medical Journal President                                                                                       

S. Akhunbaev.


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