Fariz G. Babaev ogly


Currently, the most pressing medical and social health problem is the progressive growth of chronic renal failure. The organization and development of hemodialysis treatment in Azerbaijan is associated with the name of the founder and founder of the school of urology, nephrology, hemodialysis and kidney transplantation in Azerbaijan, academician M.D. Javad-zadeh. For the first time in the USSR on March 4, 1958 with the participation of M.D. Javad-zade at the urology clinic of the second MOLGMI named after N.I. Pirogov, the first hemodialysis session was carried out in a patient with acute renal failure.

In 1969, an artificial kidney laboratory was created at the Republican Clinical Urological Hospital by Academician M.D. Javad-zade, who laid the foundations for chronic hemodialysis and kidney transplantation in Azerbaijan. In 1971, for the first time in Transcaucasia, a kidney transplant was carried out for end-stage renal failure.

In the Republic of Azerbaijan, since 2006, a register of patients receiving renal replacement therapy has been introduced and the State Program of Measures for Chronic Renal Failure (2006-2011), the second stage of the State Program for the Reduction of Chronic Renal Failure in Azerbaijan (2011-2016) and the Program of Chronic renal failure 2016-2020. During the implementation of the State Programs, certain successes have been achieved.

In many regions of the republic, the population is provided with dialysis care free of charge from the state budget. By January 1, 2020, there are 3 kidney transplant centers and 45 hemodialysis centers in the republic, which are equipped with 716 dialysis machines. A total of 503,839 dialysis sessions were held, of which 218735 (44.3%) in Baku and 285104 (56.6%) in the regions. To date, there are no problems in the provision of patients with programmed hemodialysis in the republic, and the available dialysis places are sufficient to receive new patients.

Key words: hemodialysis, state program, dialysis centers, chronic renal failure, kidney transplant.