Asma Ahad, M.A. Turdumambetova, Bhat Amir, Saifullah Baba

Introduction. Both India and Kyrgyzstan are located in Asian continent. The countries
have also experienced a huge loss of lives during COVID-19 pandemic. On 11 March 2020, when the outbreak was characterized as a pandemic putting normal life on hold for most people and overwhelming health care providers and then the year 2021 was mostly focused on vaccine distribution to put an end to the pandemic.
The aim of the present article is to learn about COVID-19 vaccination held in India
and Kyrgyzstan (2020-22).
Materials and methods. Statistical data of COVID-19 vaccination, population of
India and Kyrgyzstan, comparative methods.
Results. As per the latest United Nations data the total population of Kyrgyzstan as on
July 1, 2022 is 6,728,271 and the population in India is 1,406,631,776. [1]
The total number of people that got infected by the COVID in Kyrgyzstan were 201000
and out of which 2991 people died. In India 43.1million [2] got the COVID infection out of
which there were 524000 deaths. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) India recorded 29427330 Coronavirus recovered persons since the epidemic began [6]. The total number of recovered cases in Kyrgyzstan are 196226. [2]
Conclusions. India and Kyrgyzstan are set to defeat COVID-19 fully. The population
of India is much more than Kyrgyzstan and making it a great milestone. As on 15 May 2022 India has so far given almost 1.91 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses. In Kyrgyzstan 1.28 million people are fully vaccinated. Both countries are improving on the setbacks and
working on public awareness, enough medical staff, enough modern equipment etc.
Key words: COVID-19, Morbidity, Mortality, deadly virus, COVID-19 vaccination, lockdown.