A.L. Chokoev, N.S. Igisinov


According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, about 3 million new cases of breast cancer (BC) are predicted in 2040, while it is expected that about 1 million women will die from this pathology.

Purpose of the research: to estimate mortality rates from breast cancer (BC) in Kyrgyz Republic (KR) for 2003-2017.

Material and research methods. The material was the data of the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic concerning deaths from breast cancer (ICD 10 - C50). The main method used was a retrospective study (2003-2017) using descriptive and analytical methods of biomedical statistics.

Results and discussion. From 2003-2017 3 502 death cases of BC were registered in KR and the average age of the dead is 58,7±0,4  (95% ДИ=58,0-59,4). The average annual mortality rate from BC was 8,4±0,20/0000 (95% ДИ=8,0-8,8) and the standardized indicator – 11,0±0,40/0000 (95% ДИ=10,3-11,7), and their trends were decreasing Тdecline=−0,7% и Тdecline=−1,9%. Age-specific mortality rates indicate unimodal growth, with a peak in the older age group – 70 years and elder – 50,5±2,40/0000 (95% ДИ=45,9-55,2). Age trends were different.

Conclusions. The results of the analysis of mortality rates must be taken into account for monitoring and evaluating anti-cancer measures in the republic.

Keywords: breast cancer, mortality, trends, Kyrgyzstan.